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How to Get Over Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough [VLOG]

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Feeling like you're not good enough? Struggling with self-doubt?

Trust me, you're not alone! This is something that literally EVERYONE struggles with, at every level. Any time you're reaching for those big dreams and goals you have, self-doubt is going to creep in. There's always gonna be that little voice that pops up and tries to convince you that you don't belong or that you're not good enough or says"who do you think you are?"...What do you do when that happens? 

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How to Activate Your Glutes for Better Results

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So you’re working out the booty and looking to make some progress--growth, tightness, tone, whatever it is. You’re squatting, you’re're doing all the right things for your glutes but it doesn't seem to be working. Something’s gotta give. Are you actually engaging the muscles you’re trying to work? Let’s find out..

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