How to Recover From the Holidays


Feeling Lethargic?

Okay, so there’s a chance you might've strayed from your normal routine over the long, holiday weekend. And that’s totally okay! Here’s how to recover and get back to your normal routine and self!

Exercise is NOT a punishment. 

I wanna start by saying that exercise is not a punishment. PLEASE don’t use it as one. Do not exercise to punish yourself for eating . You do NOT need to do extra exercise because you ate that cookie. You eat that cookie guilt-free. Exercise to feel GOOD. To lift your spirits. For your HEALTH.


Yes, you exercise for your health! So, it’s completely counter-productive to stress about getting off course and then use exercise to “punish” yourself for it. Just don’t do it. All of the thoughts that go into exercise should be productive and positive. Don’t let that nasty, negative mindset creep in.


Of course it’s best to be mindful in the moment while you’re eating so that you don’t over indulge, but if it’s already happened don’t beat yourself up. Just focus on getting back on course and back in the swing of things. 


How to Recover and Get Back on Track


1. Don’t dwell.

I know I already said this but it comes up a lot and it’s an important one--Don’t beat yourself up. There’s no going back now, so there’s no use dwelling on something that can’t be changed. It’ll only make you feel worse, which is the exact opposite of our goal here. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Realize that life happens and move forward.


2. Get back in your routine.

Chances are you have somewhat of a routine that you did NOT stick to over the holidays, and that’s okay. Just realize the parts of your routine that didn’t stick and slowly start getting back into it. Even incorporating just one aspect of your routine will make a huge difference. For me, this usually starts with exercise or some kind of movement. Even just that one part of my normal routine makes all the difference. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or super strenuous, you’re just adding some normalcy back into the holiday craziness.


3. Get moving but don't obsess.

When I’m home with family, that’s my main focus. It’s not all that often that everyone is in the same spot at the same time so I fully enjoy that time. If that means I miss some workouts, that’s fine. I do still try to get in some movement because I know it makes me feel good and keeps away the lethargy of the holidays, but I don’t stress if I miss a workout. This year, I actually incorporated my family into my workout. I invited them all in and we had a quick, home, family workout. It was great! I was able to get a workout in without sacrificing precious family time. If you’ve been off your workouts don’t stress it, just get back to it now. You’ll start feeling better instantly!


4. Hydrate.

I feel like a broken record with this one, so my bad if that's how you feel too...but SERIOUSLY. It makes all the difference! Especially with all of the extra sodium that you most likely took in over the holiday. Drink some extra water.


5. Take some time for yourself.

The holidays are great but they can also be really stressful--even with your best attempt to stay stress-free. Take some time out for yourself to decompress, unwind and get grounded again. Whatever that means to you. It might be taking some time to read a good book, go for a hike, meditate, journal, watch a funny show. Whatever makes YOU happy. Take some time out to care for yourself before jumping back into the craziness of the week.


6. Get outside.

I know that I live in California and this is an option pretty much any time of the year here and that’s not the case everywhere...but if you can, get outside. Just the fresh air and (maybe) sunshine alone will do wonders! Get out, get moving, and get some fresh air. While you’re out there maybe you can kill two birds with one stone (typing this phrase out makes me realize how sad it actually is haha. Is there another form of this phrase that’s a little more uplifting? I don’t even know. If there is, let me know! 😛 ) and do the next step while you’re out there...


7. Reflect.

Take some time to reflect over the last few days, everything that happened, and everything that you’re grateful for. Take a walk and mull over the things that happened, the memories you created, and the time you got to spend. Another awesome way that I like to reflect is by journaling. Journaling can be so therapeutic. It lets you reflect on what happened, processes anything you need to process and just really get it all out there. This can be especially important after a high energy, high-stress weekend.


I hope that you take some time out for these things to make it a productive, feel-good week.  


Now get out there and get back in that routine of yours that keeps you feeling great, and loving life! 🙂


Here’s to another happy, healthy week!


Until next time,