How to Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

By January 30, 2018Ashley Azevedo, Diet, Fitness, Nutrition
Ashley Azevedo

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start?


Trying to start some healthy eating habits but don’t know know where to start? Find out how to make some healthy changes without getting totally overwhelmed!

If you’ve been eating the same way for a really long time and now you’re trying to make some changes, it can be really overwhelming. There’s so much info out there and so many details you can get lost in. So how do you start to adopt some healthy eating habits?


Use these small tweaks and tips to help get you started on the path to healthier eating habits.


1. Start Small.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Instead find a few small changes you can make right now and focus on those. Maybe it’s upping your water intake or incorporating more veggies. Whatever changes you decide on, just make sure that they won’t overwhelm you. The goal is to create a lifestyle you can stick with and baby steps will get you a lot further than overloading yourself.


2. Keep a Food Journal.

I recommend the app, My Fitness Pal for this one. It’s easy to use and they already have most food items already in their system. Tracking can be tedious at first but I promise it gets easier with time.  Tracking for even a short period in the beginning can give you a better idea of what your current eating habits look like and what kind of changes you need to make.


3. Clean out your cupboards.

Of course you can still keep and have things you enjoy (sweets, etc.). I’m not saying to say goodbye to those forever or even at all really, but if your cupboards are full of those things it’ll be harder to resist and easier to fall back into your old habits. For now, clear some stuff out and swap it out for healthier, more nutritious options. Do a spring cleaning of your cupboards that'll support this new lifestyle you're heading towards.


4. Pick a meal to swap out.

If you’re used to eating out most of the time, start with choosing just one meal that you can make at home. Maybe you can prepare your lunch the night before, or wake up a few minutes earlier to make your own breakfast before you leave the house. Find what works for you and start with just one of your meals being homemade or a healthier alternative if you must eat out.


5. Find ways to make this change easier on yourself.

What’ll make this change easier for you? How can you incorporate these new habits to be a permanent part of your life? Maybe enlisting someone to help keep you accountable will help, or maybe packing a lunch the night before--whatever they are, find ways to make things easier on yourself so that you'll be more likely to stick with it.


6. Plan your meals & go get some groceries.

Pick a couple healthy, fun recipes that you want to try out and go get the ingredients to make it happen. While you’re there, you can grab some fruit and veggies for snacking too. Make a grocery list beforehand and try to stick to the list as much as possible.


7. Be mindful.

Be mindful while you’re eating and of your portion sizes. Slow down and give yourself time to realize when you’re actually full. If you’re eating too fast, you’re much more likely to overeat and feel miserable afterwards. Take it slow and enjoy! 🙂


I’ve had a lot of questions on this topic so I'll definitely be going over it in more detail later but hopefully these tips will at least help get you started on some healthy, new eating habits!


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