Quick Shoulder Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Ashley Azevedo

Quick, Do-Anywhere Shoulder Workout

Looking for a quick shoulder workout that you can do anywhere? Here it is! All you need is a pair of dumbbells! This one'll get those shoulders shaped in no time.

Choosing a Weight

Whatever you have laying around will work. If the weight feels a little too easy, add more repetitions. If it feels a little heavy pull back on the reps. You can adjust the rep range to meet whatever weight you have available to you. Ideally the weight and repetition range you choose should be a struggle to finish.



Here I have a lighter weight that I'm using so I'm aiming for:

  • 12-15 Reps of Each Exercise
  • 3-4 Total Circuits



Basically a circuit is just performing each exercise back to back with little to no break in between exercises. Here's a quick breakdown:

Say you choose to do 15 reps, you would do 15 reps of the first exercise and then move immediately into the next exercise. And continue this until you've done all of the exercises in the video--that's ONE full circuit. Then you'll take a 60-90 second rest period and start it all over again. You're aiming for 3-4 full circuits.




Hope you love this shoulder workout! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Lifting!

Until next time,