How to Activate Your Glutes for Better Results

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So you’re working out the booty and looking to make some progress--growth, tightness, tone, whatever it is. You’re squatting, you’re're doing all the right things for your glutes but it doesn't seem to be working. Something’s gotta give. Are you actually engaging the muscles you’re trying to work? Let’s find out..

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Train for Her Magazine

Quick, Efficient, Gym Workout

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Train for Her Magazine

Ahh I’m so excited to share a gym workout with Train for Her magazine's November issue! This workout is all about using compound movements to save time and maximize efficiency in the gym. I'm sharing the exercises here, but you can also check it out on their site here or in the November issue for more information, including reps, sets and instructions.

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Ashley Azevedo

5 Tips to a Successful Home Workout

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Working out at Home?

Okay so we’ve officially finished the first week of the Start Strong 21 Day Challenge! Woo hoo! So proud of you all for sticking with it and making it happen! I don’t know about everyone else but I’m doing these workouts at home and it made me realize that there are a few tips that make home workouts so much more successful. They’re things you might not know if you’re just starting out...

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21 Days to a Badass Summer & Life

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Summer's Here

Okay guys, summertime is officially here… Are you ready for it? What if you had total confidence in yourself and your body? What if you could pick any suit off the rack and KNOW that you could totally rock it? Imagine if you LOVED your body AND your life? I’m about to launch into my FREE 21 Day Start Strong Summer Challenge & it’ll help you do just that!

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