Quick, Efficient, Gym Workout

Train for Her Magazine

Train for Her Magazine

Ahh I’m so excited to share a gym workout with Train for Her magazine's November issue! This workout is all about using compound movements to save time and maximize efficiency in the gym. I'm sharing the exercises here, but you can also check it out on their site here or in the November issue for more information, including reps, sets and instructions.

Why Compound Movements?

Compound movements work multiple muscle groups with one exercise, making them extremely time efficient. As the number one reason that’s given for not working out is lack of time, these movements are perfect for getting in a great workout in the least amount of time. There are also sooo many other benefits that come with using compound exercises in your workout routine...

Some Other Benefits

  • Train Multiple Muscle Groups With One Exercise
  • Increase Strength
  • Burn More Calories
  • Elevate Heart Rate, Working Your Cardiovascular System Too
  • Strengthen the Core
  • Improve Balance & Coordination
  • Strengthen Stabilizer Muscles
  • Get in a Killer Workout in Less Time
  • Build Endurance

FitTip Before Starting

Be sure to perform all exercises in a controlled manner and always watch your form. Never sacrifice form for speed or increased weight. Use a weight that is challenging for you but still allows you to perform the exercises with great form. This is key to preventing injury! And as always, consult your doctor before starting any fitness regimen.


Circuit Training

These exercises are designed to be done in a circuit type fashion. That basically just means that you do one set of the first exercise and then move directly into the next exercise, and continue that until you get through all five exercises. Once you complete a full circuit of all five exercises, take a couple minutes to recover and then start all over again. You're aiming for three full circuits. If you have to take breathers at all in between exercises, do so! Everyone starts at a different level, with different circumstances. Listen to your body and don't over-do it.


Squat to Overhead Press

Train for Her Magazine

Setup: Hold the barbell above chest level with bent elbows and palms facing outward.

Action: Sit back into a squat. From the squat position power straight up and as you do, press the barbell straight overhead.

Tips: Really watch the knees. Make sure they aren’t drifting inward, outward or way in front of the toes. Don’t allow momentum to take over--should be controlled.





Renegade Rows with Mountain Climbers

Train for Her Magazine

Setup: Get into plank position, holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Action: Pull 1 dumbbell up into a row, alternate sides. Once you finish the set, place both dumbbells into plank position & start set of mountain climbers. To do mountain climbers, keep your core tight & body stable while you pull one knee in towards your chest, alternate legs.

Tips: If you back starts to sag or hunch--stop and take a breather. You want your back to stay straight and your body to be stable. If it’s too intense, skip the mountain climber portion.



Half Burpee with Shoulder Press

Train for Her Magazine

Setup: Start with dumbbells in hand in a plank position.

Action: Jump legs in towards the dumbbells and then come to a standing position. From the standing position, press the dumbbells straight overhead. Return to start position and repeat.

Tips: Be sure that you are using dumbbells that won’t move out from underneath you. Be certain that you are very stable when transitioning and don’t rush through the movement.




Step-up with Curls

Train for Her Magazine


Setup: Stand in front of a bench or plyometric box with a dumbbell in each hand.

Action: Step up on the bench with one leg as you curl both dumbbells up for a bicep curl. Step back down and repeat with the other leg.

Tips: Keep your core tight and body stable. Watch the knee as you step up and be sure it’s not traveling forward or to either side.





DB Fly with Crunch

Train for Her Magazine

Setup: Grab a set of dumbbells & lay down flat on a bench. Lift the dumbbells and your legs up.

Action: Slowly lower the dumbbells out to your sides, as you lower your legs down at the same time. Bring the dumbbells (and legs) back to the start position. For this movement, think of how you would move your arms to “hug” something. Repeat.

Tips: Keep your core tight and engaged throughout the movement. Don’t let your arms or legs drop below your body--only lower them until they are in line with your body and then return to the start position.