Summer's Here

Okay guys, summertime is officially here… Are you ready for it? What if you had total confidence in yourself and your body? What if you could pick any suit off the rack and KNOW that you could totally rock it? Imagine if you LOVED your body AND your life? I’m about to launch into my FREE 21 Day Start Strong Summer Challenge & it’ll help you do just that!


Sometimes we just need an extra little push to get started, or a network of support to help us keep going when things get tough. Making a lifestyle change's tough and it definitely helps to have some outside motivation and support to keep you accountable and focused. I’ve created a group just for that! AND it’s 100% free to join.


If you’re ready to make some badass changes this summer, you can sign up for my FREE challenge by clicking this link. It officially starts July 17th, but you can sign up now to get a jumpstart and an inside look into what we’ll be tackling each week.


Quick & Effective Workouts

All of the workouts are quick, effective, and can be completed in 20 minutes or less! If you know you want a make a change but don’t know where to start, or if you're having trouble staying consistent with workouts this is for you! It'll start you out on the path to consistency and is designed to fit into any busy schedule.  After finishing you’ll have the momentum to keep with it and the motivation to make some real changes. 

Ashley Azevedo

Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak look into what the challenge offers:

  • I'll walk you through each and every day to help you create a healthy, new, life-changing habit that lasts!
  • I'll be sending you 21 Days of FREE workouts that are quick & efficient. You'll get to get moving and then get on with the rest of your day!
  • You'll have a network of support from other amazing ladies as we all go through this challenge together!
  • AND you'll have the chance to WIN one of four awesome giveaway PRIZES throughout the challenge!


I'm giving you the plan and everything you need to get started, all you have to do is just take action!


Ahh I can't wait to get started with you on this challenge. It's going to be so much fun and we're totally gonna rock it!


Here’s to another happy, healthy week! 😉


Until next time,





Be sure to claim your FREE spot for the challenge HERE and share it with a friend so they can join in with you!

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