Ashley Azevedo

Working out at Home?

Okay so we’ve officially finished the first week of the Start Strong 21 Day Challenge! Woo hoo! So proud of you all for sticking with it and making it happen! I don’t know about everyone else but I’m doing these workouts at home and it made me realize that there are a few tips that make home workouts so much more successful. They’re things you might not know if you’re just starting out...


I love working out but even I find myself wanting to skip on home workouts sometimes. They take a lot more self-discipline. So I really rely on these tips to make sure I follow through and get it done! So let’s get into what some of them are!


1. Remove distractions.

Think of anything that could distract you from your workout and make sure it won’t. Let anyone you live with know you’ll be working out, put your phone on airplane mode, whatever it takes. Just do it.


2. Set a time and have a plan.

Home workouts are great because you don’t have to leave or drive anywhere BUT they can also be sooo easy to skip if you’re not 100% committed. Have a plan, know what workouts you’re going to do ahead of time and set a time when you’ll be working out. Make an appointment with yourself AND STICK TO IT.


3. Have a designated workout area.

Set a designated area of the house to exercise and only do your workouts in that area. It’ll help get you mentally prepped to do your workout once you’re dressed and there.


4. Play some motivating music that gets you going.

Home workouts can sometimes be a little harder to get motivated for since it’s usually just you. There’s not as much accountability. I mean, who’ll really know if you don’t finish your set, or give it your all..? YOU WILL. YOU’LL KNOW. You’ll know that you quit short of what you were capable of. So don’t do it! Put on some jams and kill it!


5. Invite a friend!

The more accountability, the better! Invite a friend over to do the home workouts with you. That way you have someone else counting on you. Even if you don’t feel like doing the workout, you already have plans and you can’t let the other person down.


Hopefully these help keep your home workouts successful and consistent!  If you’re looking for some workouts you can do from home, be sure to check out my FREE 21 Day Challenge that’s going on now. It’s already started but you can still join HERE. All of the workouts are quick, efficient, & can be done in the comfort of your home.


All of you who already joined, are killing it! Stick with it to the end and finish strong!



Here’s to another healthy, happy week! 🙂  


Until next time,