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7 Important Benefits of Warming Up

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Train for Her Magazine-December 2016

Eek! I am so incredibly grateful and honored to have landed the cover of Train for Her this month for their December issue! Inside I go over one of my dynamic warmups & the importance of warming up before each workout. Please be sure to pick up a copy-it’s on newsstands now! Curious what a dynamic warmup is? I go into more detail in this post, but check out the actual warmup exercises and facts inside this month’s Train for Her magazine!

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Ashley Azevedo, Fitness

Top 5 Reasons You NEED to Switch Up Your Workout

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So you’re absolutely hooked on a certain type of workout.  You’re in love! You cannot wait until the next session. You leave feeling like a million bucks. AWESOME! You’ve found your ‘it’ workout and that’s amazing! Everyone should find theirs! Just make sure that you don’t get caught up in the same routine day after day. You still need to switch it up and keep things fresh. Chances are, you’ll end up finding another ‘it’ workout too! One that you wouldn’t have ever found had you just kept the same ‘ole routine. 

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Why Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

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There are sooooo many reasons to workout! Weight loss is usually first on most people’s mind, especially in the beginning, but did you know that there are SOOO many other benefits to working out? AND if you can focus on some of those other reasons it might actually help keep you accountable to your fitness goals. The more reasons you have as to why you’re doing this, the easier it’ll be to follow through, stick with it and make this fitness thing a habit.  

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Ashley Azevedo, Fitness

5 Must-Know Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey

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So you’ve decided to start getting fit and healthy–Changing up your eating habits, working out, the whole bit. Well that’s AWESOME & you should already be proud of yourself! But I know how overwhelming it can be in the beginning when you’re first starting out so I wanted to share some things that might make this whole lifestyle change a little easier to stick with.  These are some tips that I wish I would’ve known starting out and things that I try to remember when I’m trying anything new.

Remember to be easy on yourself and just focus on making this fitness thing a habit. Take baby steps towards your goals and be sure to celebrate each step you take! 

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Health at a Desk Job

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It’s Monday again and for a lot of people that means back to the office for a new work week.

Did you know that working an office job can actually be extremely bad for your body and the way it functions?  Okay I know that sentence alone might sound absolutely crazy, but just hear me out. 

Can you guess why an office might be bad for your health? You’re probably doing it right now….It’s because of all that sitting that normally goes on with an office job! Now obviously office jobs aren’t the only only jobs that usually involve a lot of sitting. These tips are for any job or situation that will involve extended periods of sitting. 

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Ashley Azevedo

5 Easy Hacks to Stay on Track This Weekend

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The long weekend has officially started! Woo hoo!! Are you ready for it?

Here are some quick tips to feel great, stay on course and still have fun!

1. Just Move. Focus on just getting in some kind of movement–it doesn’t have to be super intense but just move. Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing will give you a sense of accomplishment, elevate your mood and keep you feeling good and happy throughout the weekend. 

2. Drink Extra Water. Extra water will help you stay hydrated and feeling good with the warm weather and the added goodies (food & drinks) you’ll be having.

3. Find a Happy Balance. Don’t be too hard on yourself! You can have the foods you like and still stay on track. Enjoy, live life & have fun! If you do get off track, don’t stress. It happens, and guilt tripping yourself will do no good–just get back to it!

4. Opt for Healthy Options When You Can. If wherever you’re heading out to this weekend has healthy options, then great! But if you’re heading out for a party or event and you’re not sure that there will be any, make a healthy meal or snack at the house before you take off. This way you get in some solid protein and veggies beforehand, so if wherever you’re going doesn’t have any healthy options, at least you started the day off right and got in some nutrients. Plus you won’t be absolutely starving when you get there, which usually leads to overindulgence.

5. Remember, One Cookie Won’t Put You Back. Just as one workout session won’t get you ripped, one cookie isn’t going to  completely throw you off course. Allow yourself to enjoy some treats GUILT-FREE. Just don’t use the weekend as an all out binge-fest. Life is all about balance. Find what works for you and go with it.

Now go out there and enjoy your weekend! Remember balance is key. Live life, have fun, and feel great!

I’d love to hear any other tips you use to keep yourself on track and feeling great!