21 Days to a Badass Summer & Life

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Summer’s Here

Okay guys, summertime is officially here… Are you ready for it? What if you had total confidence in yourself and your body? What if you could pick any suit off the rack and KNOW that you could totally rock it? Imagine if you LOVED your body AND your life? I’m about to launch into my FREE 21 Day Start Strong Summer Challenge & it’ll help you do just that!

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Ashley Azevedo

How to Push Past Procrastination

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Procrastination at it’s finest.

I sat down to write my weekly blog yesterday and was talking to a friend about how I was trying to decide on the topic this week but I was massively procrastinating. So, he suggested I write about procrastination. Ah, perfect! Done! So….naturally, I waited to start it until today. This morning. An hour before I normally post my blogs. Ah how perfect. How’s that for some major procrastination for ya? Ha!

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