Andrew Kendall

Interview with Andrew Kendall

So I'm switching things up today, with an interview style video! I had the opportunity to interview my dear friend and author, Andrew Kendall, about his newest book, Unrequited. We dive into some of the biggest lessons and takeaways that he's learned from loving the wrong people, as well as ways to avoid toxic relationships in the future.

Importance of Relationships

Relationships are one of the most important things we have--our relationships with our friends, family, loved ones. They all contribute so much to a person's overall sense of being. For so many relationships are responsible for much of the happiness and pain that are felt throughout life. How are you nurturing your relationships? Do you know the warning signs of a toxic relationship? Do you know the important things you should know and do before ever entering into a relationship? Find out in today's video!

Here are just a few of the topics we cover: 

  • Who exactly Unrequited was written for
  • Best advice for someone before ever entering into a relationship
  • What you can do to educate yourself and avoid being in a toxic or abusive relationship
  • His biggest takeaway lessons from loving the wrong people
  • The importance of self-love and knowing your own worth

Be sure to watch the video below for the full interview!


What do you think?

What could you add? Are there lessons that you've learned from past relationships?

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Connecting with Andrew Kendall

If you want to connect further with Andrew, he can be found here on instagram 

You can also check out his new book that we talked about in this interview, Unrequited on Amazon!


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