Ashley Azevedo

Happiness Hacks 

We're talking HAPPINESS this week! Because really, who doesn't want more happy?

Get Happy NOW!

Ever have one of those days where you're just feeling down in the dumps but don't know how to come out of it? Wouldn't it be cool to have some quick happiness hacks that you could use anywhere to get back to happy?

If you want to feel happier NOW, wherever you are, with whatever you have, and whatever you're doing, be sure to watch this week's vlog!


1. Smile!

As easy and ridiculous as it sounds, your body language 100% effects your mood. So if you're not feeling so good, fake it 'til you make it--throw on a smile, throw your shoulders back. Stand and act as if you just found out some amazing news or you were having the best day ever and you were super happy. Act that way right now! There have been so many studies that confirm that your body language actually effects your mood. So if you're walking around looking like you're sad and depressed and you're hunched over, you're gonna feel like crap! So change your body, change how you're standing and put on a smile! Smile until you're actually happy. Just do it! It might feel ridiculous but you'll start feeling happier! 😀


2. Get Grateful.

Even if you only have 60 seconds, just take 60 seconds to just think of all the things in your life that you're grateful for right now. All of the things that you have in your life that someone else might be wishing for, all of things in your life that if you woke up tomorrow morning and didn't have them...that would be a HUGE bummer! You can make a physical list or just list things off in your head, but just take a minute to think of everything that you're so grateful that you have in your life right now.


3. Reach out to a loved one.

Spend time with or reach out (call, text, something) a loved one in your life--a friend, family member. Someone that you can reach out to that you know just talking to them is going to make you happy. Someone who when you talk to, you just feel good. Reach out to that person!


4. Change your thought pattern.

Whatever you're thinking right now, clearly it is NOT working if you're not happy. So, take a minute to stop, realize what your thoughts are, realize what you're focusing your attention on, and shift it. Shift it to something happier, something more positive. The more you can get in the habit of realizing what your thought pattern is, the more you can change it and the happier you're gonna be!


5. Move your body.

Surprise, surprise--I know! Get out and get moving. Move your body! It doesn't have to be anything intense, it doesn't have to be crazy. Literally, you could just go out and take a walk. Just take a walk! Do something to get your blood flowing, get your body moving and I promise that you're gonna feel better.


Wishing you an amazing week filled with so much HAPPINESS!