Exercising Outdoors-Keep Calm & Sweat On

outdoor workouts

Okay, so summer is right around the corner. Nicer, warmer weather=outdoor workouts! And I LOVE exercising outdoors! Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym workouts too, but it’s such a different feeling working up a sweat when you’re surrounded by so much beauty and breathing in fresh air!

I seriously LOVE being outdoors!

Don't you just feel better when you're outside? Especially when the weather is nice out! Blue skies and sunshine just=happiness. Have you tried taking your workout outside? If not, I highly recommend it! You'll thank me later 😉


Some of the benefits of exercising outdoors:

1. Fresh Air.

It gives you a chance to get some fresh air and change up your scenery. You'll totally notice the difference too when you step back inside after your workout and realize how stuffy and gross it feels. *Time to open some windows up in this piece*


2. That Vitamin D. 

You get your daily dose of Vitamin D that your body NEEDS. Your body needs vitamin D in order to absorb calcium, and promote bone health. This is especially important for women, who are more prone to osteoarthritis as they age.  Being able to absorb calcium also aids in muscle building and heart health. In other words, it's super important! You don't need a lot of it but it's important to make sure you're getting at least a little each day. 


3. All You Need is Yourself.

If you wanna bring equipment, cool. If not, even cooler right?  You don’t really need it! There’s so many workouts you can do outside without needing any equipment at all. Hello, convenience and money saving! 🙂


4. Constantly Changing Environment.

Unlike being indoors in air-conditioned, flat, stable rooms, outdoor workouts give you a chance to workout in an environment that's constantly changing, which helps up the intensity of your workout and make your workouts a little more functional. 


A recent study even found that people who exercised outdoors  “reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity and declared a greater intent to repeat the activity at a later date.”


The downside

Okay so there is a downside...it’s that sweaty, sticky feeling you’re left with after an outdoor workout on a hot day. You know what I mean...it’s a different kind of sticky, sweaty than a gym or indoor workout, and if you’re not going directly home then you’re stuck in that sticky, sweatiness. Not fun!  


For me, I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out REALLY easily. Like, I have to shower immediately after I sweat. Immediately. If I don’t, my skin breaks out.



I just started using a product called ShowerPill and I love it! I use it after my outdoor workouts or any time when I can’t immediately go home and shower. The spin class I take is across town and I used to hate having to sit drenched in sweat the whole ride home. Now, I just use a wipe until I can get home and take an actual shower. When I would run to the gym, I used to have to push through the whole workout sweaty and worried about the havoc it was wreaking on my skin. Now, I just put a ShowerPill in my pocket and head out!

I’ve tried a butt load of different things that either didn’t work or were really convenient. I’m usually either walking or driving home from my workout, which means no shower for at least a few minutes. But it also means, I can’t really lug a bunch of stuff around. If I’m walking or running to my workout, I take the absolute minimum with me.

These ShowerPill wipes are super convenient for me! Each wipe is individually wrapped so I can literally just stick it in my pocket or side of my pants and take it anywhere! I’ve taken them on runs to the gym, hikes, classes across town, and the list goes on.


I can workout without having to worry about my skin the entire way home. Plus, I just feel better without that sticky, sweaty feeling sitting on my skin.


Try it Out

I get super excited when I find awesome, new products that I love so I thought I would share it with you guys! If you want to check it out, you can use code ASHLEY at ShowerPill to get 20% off your order anytime from now until June 15th!


Here’s to a week of feeling fresh, happy, & healthy


Until next time,




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