Ashley Azevedo

Working out isn't the hard part.

As much as the actual workout might seem like the hardest part, it’s really not...Do you know what the hardest part is? It might not be what you think…

It’s actually just getting started! Getting to the gym, or just starting that home workout, is really the hardest part. Once you’ve started, it’s all downhill from there. for real. I've talked to so many people who struggle with actually making their workouts happen. You know that it's good for you and that you gotta put in the work to get to your goal, but... It's. Just. So. Hard. 


It happens to everyone from time to time--even experts in fitness. But it's definitely the most intense in the beginning when you're first starting out on this fitness journey.


So, here are some tips to help make fitness a priority in your life:


1. Schedule it.

Figure out what days and times that you can workout and schedule it. Seriously, put it in your planner just like you would with any other important appointment and then STICK TO IT. This is an important appointment with yourself and you can’t cancel.


Ashley Azevedo


2. Plan ahead.

Figure out what it’ll take to make this process easier for you to stick with. Maybe that’s packing a gym bag the night before so you’re ready to go in the morning. Maybe it’s packing a lunch the night before. Whatever it is, decide and then make it happen.  


3. Have an accountability partner.

Even if you won’t actually be working out together, find someone who can help hold you accountable. Swap plans and goals with each other and then work to hold each other accountable to your workouts. Having this extra accountability does wonders.


4. Keep it positive.

Don’t focus on the negatives, like how much work you’ll have to put in to reach your goal. Instead focus on how good you’ll feel after your workout, or how good it’ll feel to reach your big goal. Use that as motivation to show up each day.


5. Treat yo' self.

Find a way to reward yourself each time you do show up. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, but just make sure that you’re acknowledging how awesome it is each time you follow through on things that’ll get you closer to your goal.


Hopefully these help to get you motivated and moving towards that goal of yours!


Here’s to another happy, healthy week of making it happen!


Until next time,