How to Push Past Procrastination

Ashley Azevedo

Procrastination at it's finest.

I sat down to write my weekly blog yesterday and was talking to a friend about how I was trying to decide on the topic this week but I was massively procrastinating. So, he suggested I write about procrastination. Ah, perfect! Done! So….naturally, I waited to start it until today. This morning. An hour before I normally post my blogs. Ah how perfect. How’s that for some major procrastination for ya? Ha!

Okay so I decided to write about procrastination because clearly I’m kicking ass at it already this week. But in all seriousness, procrastination is something that we all deal with every now and then, so why not talk about it.


If you’re struggling with procrastination, check out some of the things I usually do (usually being the key word here...) for how to break past it:


  1. Put the task in perspective.

Usually we procrastinate because the task gives us anxiety, or just doesn’t sound fun. It doesn’t give us the instant gratification that putting it off does (temporarily). So in an attempt to get some instant gratification and avoid the un-fun, we procrastinate... and end up cleaning the bathroom for the third time this week or watching YouTube videos on how to braid your hair because you should probably know how to do that by now, right? Before you let any of that happen, stop and put the task in perspective. Don’t focus on how bad it sounds. Focus on how you’ll feel once it’s done and focus on your why. Which brings me to the next point….


  1. Find your WHY.

Why do you need to get this task done? What will happen if it doesn’t get done? How will you feel once it’s done? Get real specific on why you’re doing it and make it so strong that there’s no other option than to get to work.


  1. Set a real, specific deadline.

When will you have it done by? And don’t give me any of that “next week” crap. Goals that don’t have a specific deadline, don’t get done. Let’s be honest. Set a specific deadline. That means an exact date that you’ll be finished. Yeah, exact date.


Ashley Azevedo


  1. Break it down.

Instead of looking at the task as a whole (because that’s overwhelming and scary), break it down into more manageable pieces. Break it down as small as you possibly can and start on the first small step. Finishing the first small piece will give you the confidence & momentum you need to keep moving forward.


  1. Figure out what you need to do to make it happen.

Figure out what’ll help you make it happen and create an environment and action plan to get it done.


  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just start.

Nothing has to be perfect. The task doesn’t have to be. Your mood doesn’t have to be. You just gotta get started. Chances are you aren’t gonna feel like it and that’s normal, but you gotta just push past that and start anyway. You gotta know that you probably won’t feel like it, but you gotta do it anyways.


Hopefully these help you push past procrastination the next time it shows up!


Here’s to another happy, healthy, procrastination-free week! 🙂


Until next time,




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