5 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

By November 28, 2016Ashley Azevedo, Fitness, Life, Travel
Ashley Azevedo

It’s officially the holiday season! For a lot of people that means a lot more traveling than normal, making it harder to keep up with your normal fitness routine. I just recently went back home for the Thanksgiving holiday and was doing lots of traveling even while I was there--back and forth between different family members houses, visiting friends, etc. So I thought I would share some tips that I used to stay on track with my fitness routine while I was traveling.

Let me start by saying, I don’t restrict myself and I  don’t recommend that to anyone else either! I enjoy the holidays and if I want something, I eat it. It’s all about finding that happy balance and doing what works for you. Restriction leads to major cravings though--not to mention an unhappy you! So enjoy yourself, make memories and have a good time! But remember how good you feel when you move! For me, I feel AMAZING when I’m active so why would I stop doing that? I always think of that when I’m traveling. I want to feel great and be as present as possible for family & friends, so I have to get some movement in--otherwise I get a little grumpy...being totally honest here. Anyways, here are my tips for staying fit while traveling:

  1. Wake up early & get it done. I was home to visit with family and friends above all else so that was my first priority and I wanted to make sure that I got the chance to see everyone. So to make things easy, I woke up early and got my workout done while everyone else was sleeping. This way my workout was done early in the day and it didn’t cut into any family/friend time. By the time I got back, everyone was waking up and I already had my workout out of the way.  Wake up, work out, and the rest of the day’s yours! Just get it done early.
  2. Kill two birds with one stone. Why not take a walk with your family or friends? On the days I didn’t lift weights, I went on walks with my little brother. We got to hang out and catch up while we walked the dogs and got some movement in ourselves. Not every workout has to be strenuous---just get out and get moving.
  3. Keep a few bodyweight exercises (that can be done anywhere) in your back pocket. Make a list of a few bodyweight workouts that you can do anywhere. That way if you don’t have access to a gym, you can get a quick workout in wherever you are. If you need some good workouts that can be done anywhere, check out my free download here. 🙂
  4. Bring any items that will help keep you accountable. If you have bands, TRX, or a yoga mat, bring it with you! Anything that will make your workouts easier and more likely to happen--bring 'em! And be sure to pack workout clothes and shoes of course! 🙂
  5. Check out a new class. If you’re in a different town and want to switch things up, why not try a new class? AND a lot of places offer the first class for free, so why not check out something new?! Check online to see if you can find a cool new class in your area.

Are there any other tips you use when traveling?

I’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below.



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