Why Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

By October 3, 2016Ashley Azevedo, Fitness

There are sooooo many reasons to workout! Weight loss is usually first on most people’s mind, especially in the beginning, but did you know that there are SOOO many other benefits to working out? AND if you can focus on some of those other reasons it might actually help keep you accountable to your fitness goals. The more reasons you have as to why you’re doing this, the easier it’ll be to follow through, stick with it and make this fitness thing a habit.  

1. Boosts your mood! Like seriously! I have to get in some kind of movement everyday or else I might go bananas! The next time you workout, just notice how you feel after. Your mood is elevated and you feel on top of the world! This alone is worth the effort! Am I right?! Happier is always better.

2. Feeling of Accomplishment & Increased Confidence. How accomplished and bad-ass do you feel after finishing a tough workout? ALL kinds of awesomely bad-ass, I know! Following through and pushing yourself through a tough workout (even when you don’t want to) leaves you with a huge sense of accomplishment and helps build up your self-confidence!

3. Healthy Heart & Body. Let’s not forget this one! The most important of all! Working out aids massively in your overall health. Regular exercise can help prevent a variety of health issues such as heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. It also keeps your heart strong and healthy--and that’s pretty important!  

4. Stress Relief. Exercise is an AWESOME stress relief! If you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, throw on some running shoes, get out, get moving and just feel the stress start to melt away.

5. Energy Boost. Exercise releases endorphins, which are your “feel-good” hormones. They increase your energy levels and boost your mood. Who couldn’t benefit from having more energy?!

6. For Your Loved Ones. Working out will definitely effect those around you too. You’ll be able to show up as a happier, healthier version of yourself!

Why do YOU workout? Weight loss is a great goal but try to pair it with reasons that go beyond that. Think of all the areas of your life that will be effected by this new, healthy, habit of fitness. Think of all the people in your life who will benefit from a happier, healthier, more balanced version of yourself. Think of how great it will feel to actually follow-through. Think of how much confidence you will gain by tackling this fitness habit. Think of how happy you’ll be once you get there!

Everyone’s WHY is different. Figure out what yours is and make sure it runs deeper than the surface “weight loss”. Make sure you know exactly why you’re showing up every day, who you’re effecting and how you will feel. Once you have some solid WHYs behind your goal, it’ll be that much easier to show up everyday--because every time you want to give up, all you have to do is take a quick look at that list of reasons you just made. Remember that this effects more than just yourself and more than just your bodyweight.

Take a second to think of your WHY before you get started and let me know below!

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