Learn to Love Your Body NOW

Ashley Azevedo

Okay, first things first. I just want you to know that your body is amazing and beautiful NOW! If there are changes you want to make, that’s okay but I want you to really make an effort to love your body now, as it is. If you can’t love your body now, none of the changes you make will do anything to fix that.  

I won’t lie and say that it’s easy. It is something that you’ll constantly have to be work on, but making these small changes will seriously change your life! So how can you start loving your body now? Use the tips below to become a body confident pro!


1. Take a look at your self-talk.

Start being aware of the thoughts you have towards yourself & your body. If they’re negative, stop and acknowledge that the negative thought you’re having isn’t actually true, and then replace it with something positive. Negative self-talk will always come up, but the better you can get at realizing it, the quicker you can stop it and replace it with positive goodness and start to feel SO much better!


2. Would you say that to your best friend, sister, DAUGHTER?

Stop and ask yourself if that thing you’re telling yourself or saying about yourself or your body is something you would say to a best friend. If the answer is no, then why would you say it to yourself? Be just as nice to yourself as you are to the people you love.  


3. Take a look at your social media.

What does your social media look like? What accounts do you follow and how do those accounts make you feel? Are you following accounts that show a variety of body types and people, or are they all the same body type? Make sure that you’re following accounts that show a variety of people and body types, not just one specific one. And if you find that you’re constantly comparing yourself or feeling bad after looking at certain pages, it’s time to unfollow. Even if it’s just for now, until you can get a hold on your thoughts and feelings towards yourself and your body. Go through your social media now and see what pages don’t make you feel so great, and then go ahead and unfollow! You want accounts that make you feel happy & good about yourself.

Ashley Azevedo

4. Make a list of all that you love.

Take out a pen & paper and start listing all of the things that you love about yourself and your body. It might sound simple or silly, but do it anyways. When’s the last time you really thought about everything that there is to LOVE about yourself? Focusing on these things will change your whole outlook. Plus, the list will give you some positive thoughts to have on hand the next time a negative thought tried to creep in.


5. Realize that every body is different.

Every body is so completely different in it’s structure and makeup. You can make some changes through fitness, but it will only take you so far. At the very core of your structure, your body type is determined by your own unique bone structure and genetic makeup. Sometimes people get so set on attaining a certain look, without realizing that the person has a completely different body type and structure than they do. When you’re looking for pictures of your “dream body”, find people who reflect your body type and remember to use picture as a rough goal only. If you use pictures, they should excite you and motivate you towards that goal. They should make you feel good not bad. We all have different body types and they’re all so beautiful.


6. Look at your body as the gift that it is.

Your body is SUCH a gift. A gift that so many others would trade the WORLD to have! Look at all of the things that your body allows you do and focus on that instead of focusing on things that you don’t like. Your body is such a gift and the more you can start to realize that, the easier it’ll be to start loving it!


7. Don’t get caught up on how you look.

It’s really all about how you FEEL. Remember when you’re on a fitness journey, the ultimate goal is to FEEL good. Sometimes we get so caught up in attaining a fitness goal, that we forget what the ultimate goal really is. Don’t ever sacrifice your happiness or feeling good to reach a certain number on the scale or a certain look. Always assess how you feel, this is really the most important thing.

Ashley Azevedo8. Ditch the scale, tape measure, etc.

Don't get me wrong, scales, tape measures, and progress pictures are all great tools to help you gauge your progress towards your fitness goals. BUT not if becomes obsessive or unhealthy.  These measurements are not all that matter and they should be used lightly. So often I see people get obsessive with these measurements.  They become obsessive on numbers, freak out if a number isn't met and lose sight of the ultimate goal of happiness. If these tools are causing more worry than assistance, it's time to ditch them for now. Focus on how you feel instead.


9. Listen to your body.

So many times I’ve seen people get so set on their goal that they completely stop listening to your body. This is just a recipe for misery and it will NOT help you to love your body or yourself. Your body knows what it needs, so listen to it. Maybe you’re supposed to work out today but you feel totally exhausted. Listen to your body and take that rest day. Don’t get so caught up in destination that you forget to enjoy the journey. Fitness should be something that adds life and happiness to your life, not stress and worry. Listen to your body and treat it like you would a loved one.

I wish that loving your body wasn’t something that we had to learn, but unfortunately we are usually conditioned to do just the opposite as we grow up. Break free, be rebellious, break the curve and LOVE YOURSELF! It takes time and is something you definitely have to work towards, but it is possible and it'll totally change your life!


Here’s to a happy, healthy week of loving your body and yourself!


Until next time,



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  • Patti Pallotta says:

    Love this article! Full of Juicy Reminders on HOW….you are such an Inspiration! Love the message your sending! You are so AWESOME my friend!

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