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Why You’re Struggling With Body Image

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Have you ever wished you could change something, or maybe a few things, about your body? Leaner legs, flatter stomach, smaller waist, bigger hips, and the list goes on and on. I know that I’ve done it. I think that we all have at one point or another. As women especially, there is so much outside pressure to look a certain way (usually a very unattainable and unrealistic way I have to mention) that it’s hard not to battle with body image issues and wish that you could change certain parts of your body.

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Ashley Azevedo, Happiness, Fitness

5 Happiness Robbers to Avoid

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Okay who wouldn’t want to be happier? I mean, that’s really what life is really all about, right? Living a happy, fun and fulfilled life. Well there are a few things in life that are just total happiness robbers. They’ll bring you down and do nothing but harm. Avoid these happiness robbers to keep yourself sane, confident, and happy! 🙂  Read More

Ashley Azevedo

8 Easy Tips to CRUSH Any Goal

By | Ashley Azevedo, Fitness, Life | One Comment
Goal Setting.  How do you feel when you see these words? When’s the last time you sat down and wrote out your short and long term goals? Where do you even start? It can be so overwhelming! I seriously feel like this topic should have been covered in depth at some point in our decades of education…it’s so useful and so important! But don’t worry, there are some quick tips and tricks that you can use to set yourself up for goal setting success!  Read More

Ashley Azevedo

5 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

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It’s officially the holiday season! For a lot of people that means a lot more traveling than normal, making it harder to keep up with your normal fitness routine. I just recently went back home for the Thanksgiving holiday and was doing lots of traveling even while I was there–back and forth between different family members houses, visiting friends, etc. So I thought I would share some tips that I used to stay on track with my fitness routine while I was traveling.

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